Founded in 2016 by Australian design duo Nadine Morris and Jane Jones, FARRAH + SLOANE steers away from mainstream and commercial handbag options while striking a perfect blend of functionality with bold statement pieces.

FARRAH + SLOANE utilizes custom and handmade elements throughout their collections while incorporating aspects of social responsibility. During the early stages of development, Morris and Jones made the conscious decision to not include leather materials within their collection. Aware of the devastating effects climate change currently has and will have on our planet, the pair set out to not only create fashionably chic items, but also ones which reduce a source of global warming.

“We wanted to create a product that everyone would feel glamorous with while simultaneously implementing aspects of social responsibility within the brand’s ethos. We hope to build upon this further in seasons to come. Society is a lot more conscious of the damage we are inflicting upon this planet, so every contribution and decision we make no matter how big or small counts.”

- Nadine Morris & Jane Jones