Clutching On

Clutching On

A night out would simply not be a night out without your essentials. You know, those things that hide away in your purse or clutch bag to help rescue any number of issues that may occur.

Ok, so it’s definitely a first world problem, but how annoying is it when you’re out and you have to hold on to your bag all night?

Sure, you could shove it under your arm, or use the ugly chain strap that most clutch bags come with (as long as it goes with your dress). The problem with the under arm method is that it renders your arm useless and restricts your ability to express yourself in your own unique way.

This problem is the reason for The Madame Bag being born. Sure, we aren’t the first people to put a bangle handle on a bag, but our mission is to take the clutch out of clutch bags, offering a solution to keep your essentials close to hand, but not in the hand.

Over the past year, we have designed and re-designed our bangle handle, making it easier to slide closer to the elbow and more comfortable to wear. If you are looking for a luxurious solution then let go and sneak a peak at our latest range, now available for the Spring events ahead.

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