Posted on 20 January 2017

We really wanted to start 2017 with a BANG... and one day, over a bloody mary, we were talking about this with our great friend Chivy of Seagulls of St Kilda in Melbourne. 
We were talking about how much our design aesthetics are aligned, and how much we love how Chivy styles all her clients through Seagulls and also her new business Social Threads
Then we had the idea to collaborate on a bag design together... we wanted to design something with no constraints, Chivy wanted to design her perfect bag, something really unique, that when people looked at it they KNEW it was a Chivy design!
Chivy has an obsession with texture and tassels, this is something we share with Chivy, so that was a great starting point!
The colour palette was chosen to reflect Chivy's love of classic colours. 
Each tassel is custom made to Chivy's specifications, thick and luxurious, and lovingly attached to the bag individually. 
Chivy wanted to style to bag in a way that showed how versatile it actually is. This is not only a bag for formal occasions, this is the perfect bag to take to dinner with the girls, a Gallery opening, or date night with your boo.
We collaborated with Karen Woo to do a photoshoot to showcase how Chivy sees her bag being worn. Check it out, then have a closer look at each bag here.

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