Farrah: “happiness, joy, merriment, rejoicing, gladness, glee”
Sloane: “fashionable upper-class young woman”
Farrah + Sloane celebrates self-expression. The brand reflects women’s infinite capacity to go their own way. To present whichever mood they like, whenever they like. To wow the crowd or make a singular impression.
Farrah + Sloane steers away from mainstream and commercial handbag options while striking a perfect blend of functionality with bold statement pieces. To achieve this unique balance we explore everywhere for unusual fabrics then put them together in alluring, unexpected ways.


“On New Year’s Eve 2020 we were holidaying on the beautiful South Coast of NSW in Australia when massive bushfires swept through. We evacuated to the beach, and huddled in the heat and smoke with hundreds of other families. As I sheltered my two year-old son underneath my top, I feared for my little family.
“This terrifying experience transformed many things for me. Seeing first-hand what is happening to our beautiful country as a result of climate change supercharged my commitment to sustainability. This is why Farrah + Sloane no longer manufactures in China and our entire new collection launching in late 2020 will be handmade by artisans in Australia.”
Nadine Morris, Creative Director, Farrah + Sloane


Farrah + Sloane is very proud that all of our products are made here at home in Sydney, Australia. We are so proud to support our local artisans and work right alongside them. Our talented makers have been chosen with great care. Like us, each is dedicated to the beauty found in creative expression and refined craftsmanship. They are our kindred spirits.
Farrah + Sloane products do not see a production line. Every piece is made by one person from start to finish. It’s the only way to achieve the superb level of quality we have always envisioned for our brand and that our customers deserve.
Less is definitely more. We produce only as many items as we can sell, so you will rarely find our pieces on sale for that reason. 
Farrah + Sloane is very comfortable taking time to create quality. We focus on perfecting every piece so it becomes something worth cherishing forever.


The Farrah + Sloane mission is to keep reducing our environmental footprint. We continually strive for this by using the most sustainably produced and biodegradable materials possible.
Our leather is carefully sourced from European tanneries that adhere to the most current guidelines on ethical operating practices. All leather used is a by-product of the meat industry, which means the hide will be disposed of if it isn’t used for other purposes. We stear away from synthetic materials wherever possible as they take much longer to biodegrade than natural materials.
We especially love the idea of using reclaimed and remnant materials in our pieces. We design limited edition styles made from special off-cuts that we find on our travels.


Farrah + Sloane has phased out plastic packaging completely. Our bags are presented in a gift box made from recycled card. Inside you will find your purchase wrapped in recycled tissue paper, placed in a dust bag and delivered in a biodegradable mailer.